About us

It all started many years ago… When we were children, in fact. Our love of cars had always been present, and when finally you meet a friend who is as attached to them as you, it can only end well! Little by little, our love of cars grew, and we realised that making models of the same cars we love was an excellent way of working, doing what we loved. From that moment forward, everything shifted up a gear and took off…

Why not take a leap into the car industry, and make it a dream come true?

Nicolas URIEN et Frédérick GUILLER

Miniature cars: a dream for many, but one come true for us.

It was back in 2009 that we created our first company that produced and sold miniature cars: OttOmobile, a brand mainly focused on Youngtimers. Then came the urge to start producing different types of models from sports cars to luxury cars. You know as well as us that these cars have always instigated some level of desire amongst young and old. Akin to a dream, unreal, untouchable, uncontrollable… We’re lucky if we get to see one of two in the real world! With their roaring engines, classy interiors, and impeccable finishes we just had to do something to honour them. True, the real deal will remain for most an impossible dream, but that wasn’t going to stop us from producing models of them!

And that is how GT Spirit was born. Four years ago now, and we just keep on going thanks to you all.
Nowadays we are a team in our own rights constantly on the lookout for new luxury cars to reproduce. We are unconditional, determined aficionados, and are above all else attached to the quality of our models. Our mantra is the same as it was the day we created our company: to give you a taste of luxury cars with our reasonably priced models!

Frederick GUILLIER SAHUQUE and Nicolas URIEN