GT Spirit is proud to present its new website!

Site GT SPIRIT 2018

We are proud to present to you our new website for GT Spirit!
Our IT department has taken great pleasure in conceiving, producing and refining this new website, and we hope that you like it.

Why change our website? Our old site was no longer satisfactory for us, and we wanted to have something a bit more modern and more ergonomic. Fear not, as everything has remained more or less as it was; there’s still the shop, and there’s still the possibility for you to pre-order your models!

The main goal of this overhaul is to give you a better experience while navigating our site. All available models will be accessible to you, as well as all pre-orders, both on the same page: the shop. You’ll have the opportunity to filter search results based on scale, brand, etc. We have also introduced a new service: a wish-list. If you want to be informed of a product that has had its stock renewed, you can add it to the wish-list and you will receive an email informing you of the product’s availability the moment it hits the shelves!

This new website was also an opportunity for us to renew our logo. No more chrome, no more chrome and no more gradients, our new logo is now a flat white set-up, and honestly it looks pretty good!
Naturally the team hasn’t changed, and we remain the same car aficionados that we were before the overhaul!

One thought on “GT Spirit is proud to present its new website!

  1. Anson says:

    I really like previous generation audi RS5 in sepang blue color. I wonder if you will consider to remake this model in black optic version?

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