Price drop for GT Spirit models and new pre-orders

Actualité - Baisse des prix

This new website also marks a fresh start for GT Spirit! It was for us the opportunity to make a few changes to our way of doing things: we will notably be lowering our prices and modifying the way pre-ordering works.
Ever since the founding of GT Spirit, our goal has been to commercialise luxury model cars at reasonable prices. We have stuck with that mantra for four years now, but unfortunately due to certain constraints we were forced to bump our prices up a few months ago. The causes were mainly licensing costs and the cost of raw materials… This was not an easy decision, and certainly not one we would have made had we had any other choice at the time.

After looking at compromise after compromise, we have finally found a solution. This took some time on our part and monopolised a large number of resources but we pulled it. We have changed our production to improve and standardise our assembly procedures, something which has allowed to reduced the costs of producing our models. This ultimately means that we can now commercialise our models at the old prices!
Another change, and one that will be taking place as of today; pre-orders. The GT Spirit Club is now a distant memory, and from now on we will putting new models in the store every single month, and not every two as we have done until now. Pre-orders will now be available directly through the store on the same page as all available models. This has been done with the intention of making your experience of purchasing our models more streamlined.

Much like in real life, there’s always your first car that will remain close to your heart. For us, the materials we chose at the start of our venture remain close to our hearts!

The prices are lower but the quality is the same! All materials used are identical to those we used before.

We hope these changes will meet your expectations and that you will continue to buy your models from GT Spirit!

6 thoughts on “Price drop for GT Spirit models and new pre-orders

  1. rgmtymx says:

    Many upcoming models are mentioned as soon being available through dealers. Is there a way to know who those dealers are? Specifically those in the U. S. ?

    Also, will GT Spirit later continue selling models throgh its website at all?

    • GT SPIRIT says:

      Hello, you can find our GT Spirit models in the US at Trading ACME Company: This company also sell our models for preorder. For the moment we only sell our previous models through our website and we do not consider to sell the new ones on it. We trust the work of our resellers.

  2. Declan Mallon says:

    You say the models will be cheaper but I have found that because we can only buy them from Dealers now they are asking higher prices so where are the cheaper prices?

  3. Kevin nelson says:

    I just preordered the 1/18 AMG GT Black Series that you will be producing for release this summer. I see you are making it in the orange color scheme. Do you have plans to make the silver version?

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